My Courses Are Designed For You

If you want to rely less on social media or paid ads, or you just want sustainable, long-term growth for your business.

As an introverted small business owner, it can feel like the business world is dominated by extroverted people with time to spend on social media and money to spend on paid advertising. Social media and video are not my natural habitats, and I know I'm not the only one. That's why I decided to create Purple Horse Marketing Academy. My online self-study courses are designed to help you transform your small business website from a static "nice to have" into an asset that actively works to drive traffic, leads and sales. If you are prepared to make the time and effort investment in yourself and your business, then I can help you market your business your way.

I Use SEO to Grow My Businesses

And I want to show you how to do it too!

  • 32% Increase

    In my e-commerce store's conversion rate (y-o-y 1st Sep-31st Dec 2023) by investing time into SEO

  • 189% Increase

    In sales from organic search (SEO) for my e-commerce website (y-o-y 1st Sep - 31st Dec 2023)

  • 46% Decrease

    In my paid social ad spend for my e-commerce store (y-o-y 1st Sep - 31st Dec 2023) by investing my time and effort into SEO

Helping Small Businesses Get Found and Make Sales

My courses are inspired by my experience as an introverted small business owner who finds the hamster wheel of social media overwhelming at times. I use my experience as an SEO consultant to help you transform your website into a reliable source of traffic, sales and growth without ads, agencies or social media dances.

  • Do you want to reduce your e-commerce store's reliance on paid ads?

  • Do you want to drive high-intent traffic to your website to help increase your conversion rate?

  • Do you want to set your e-commerce website up for success next Christmas?

  • Do you want to transform your website from a static "nice to have" to a reliable, consistent and sustainable source of quality traffic, leads and sales?

  • Do you want to do this with less than one hour a week of your time, without relying on complicated ads, expensive agencies or cringeworthy social media dances?

Your Instructor

Rhiannon Harradine

SEO Consultant

Rhiannon is a freelance marketing consultant specialising in SEO for equine and e-commerce businesses. She has nearly five years' experience in helping small businesses get found in Google Search and has worked with a range of WordPress, Wix and Shopify websites over the years. Rhiannon believes that many small businesses are missing out because they are not fully taking advantage of SEO as a tool for building visibility, trust and sales. She believes that you do not need to be especially "techy" to take advantage of what SEO has to offer, and that in many cases the small business owner really is the best person to promote their products or services. Rhiannon is currently taking a break from riding to focus on growing the business, but in her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors, going for walks and caring for her expanding collection of houseplants. "I am on a mission to help introverted, small business owners like myself grow online by transforming their website into a consistent source of sales. I want to help small business owners unlock the potential of SEO to drive long-term business success at an affordable investment"